Our adorable rabbits come in two designs, with many variations within them. Every rabbit is unique, so you will certainly be able to choose exactly the one you would like! Or even start your own warren!

Sitting “bunny” rabbits are knitted to our own pattern, and come in a variety of colours. Some are wearing knitted jackets. All have knitted scarves. “Bunny” rabbits are approx 24-25 cm tall to the tips of their ears.

“Vintage” rabbits are based around an old vintage pattern with variations. Some have knitted jackets; they all wear knitted scarves or a smart ribbon. And they come in a variety of sizes. Measured to the tips of their ears, these are: Baby vintage rabbits are approx 21-22 cm tall;¬†Medium sized vintage rabbits are approx 23-24 cm tall; Large vintage rabbits are approx 27-28 cm tall.

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