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Stilt Sheep

A long legged, floppy “Stilt Sheep”, knitted to our own pattern that’s designed to resemble a Shropshire sheep - but with much longer legs than the real animal! Our Stilt Sheep have bodies knitted from white or grey Shropshire yarn, with stripes of a contrasting coloured yarn. They also have colourful, hand-knitted scarves. Stilt Sheep measure approx 37cm from tips of their toes to the top of their heads.

You can purchase one either via “Lucky Dip”, where you cannot choose the colour-way; or you can browse our sale gallery for Stilt Sheep and “Buy The One You See” for a slightly higher price.

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  2. Helena

    “Helena” has a dark pink and grey striped body. She wears a scarf knitted in blue variegated yarn.


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