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Choose the “Lucky Dip” option, or “Buy The One You See”

Some of our animals are available in a range of colour options. You can purchase these items either via “Lucky Dip” (where you’ll receive an animal of the kind you’ve selected, but you cannot choose the colour or finishing touches), or you can browse our sale gallery for the animal you wish to purchase and “Buy The One You See” for a slightly higher price.

“Special Collectibles” and Bespoke Gifts

We also sell a range of larger animals, the “Special Collectibles”. We usually have only a few of each of these in stock at any one time. You can view individual pictures of them on the website by selecting the product name from the list shown on the left of this page. Items in this range are marked with an asterisk.

We also provide a bespoke knitting service, if you wish to commission a particular animal knitted to a pattern of your own, or to one of a range of vintage patterns that we hold in stock. Please contact us with details of your requirements and we will then provide you with a quote.

Please click on the animal you would like to view from the list on the left hand side of the page.