About Us

Flock of Ages is a joint venture between sisters Lyn Sellwood and Pippa Geddes. With complementary skills and a shared enthusiasm for the countryside, they have created a range of handmade products knitted incorporating Shropshire wool.

Lyn is based in Gloucestershire and brings to the partnership a life-long interest in knitting and handmade textiles, coupled with a growing expertise in developing and using natural dyestuffs.

Farming in Shropshire, Pippa and her husband Peter are enthusiastic supporters of traditional British livestock breeds. Alongside a herd of Ruby Red Devon Cattle, they run the prize-winning Alderton Flock of pedigree Shropshire sheep, established in 1999.

Shropshires were once renowned the world over for their beautiful wool, and today’s Shropshire sheep still produce high quality, dense fleeces.

Inspired by a much loved old grey rabbit knitted by their mother – the sole survivor of a “warren of rabbits” she knitted for local bazaars – Lyn and Pippa have developed a unique range of handmade wool gifts. These are produced using wool from Pippa’s Alderton Flock and marketed under the Flock of Ages brand. Products frequently incorporate hand dyed yarns produced in subtle colours reflecting the seasons of the British countryside.